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Space Planning and the Modern Doctor: Why You Don't Need An Interior Designer To Find Space For an Infusion Center in Your Practice

Posted by Brittany Savageau on Sep 4, 2018 9:34:39 AM

How much space does does an in-office infusion center take? Probably less than you think

The value-adding benefits of a fully-staffed in-office infusion center should be obvious — increased patient satisfaction, heightened patient retention rates, and decreased administrative costs. However, many healthcare professionals maintain a lingering concern: space. Logistically and financially, it may seem implausible or even impossible.

However, in-office infusion centers managed by OI Infusion are highly spatially economic, claiming just a single corner of your office while delivering all of the health- and cost-benefits of a full-service infusion practice.

In-Office Infusion Centers Require Little Space

In-hospital infusion centers are prone to overcrowding — which can result in slower service and a lower quality of care. On the other hand, in-office infusion centers are designed to fit your office’s and your patients’ unique needs and are impervious to overcrowding since your practice likely has nowhere near the patient volume of a hospital.

With effective scheduling and patient flow management, one or two treatment areas will be sufficient to treat all of the patients who need infusion services. In fact, through effective scheduling and staffing, you could continue to do everything you already do while seeing 5-10 infusion patients a week, without increasing the size of your office or expensive renovations.

Medical Practices Waste a Lot of Space

Consider the current economy of your office space. Why do you have a file room when many of your records are electronic? How many days a week does that procedure room sit empty? Evaluate overall utility and identify where a small two to four chair infusion center could create value within a space. In an average doctor’s office, there is more than enough room to install an infusion center where patients feel comfortable and practitioners have adequate room to complete infusions.

Better Medical Practice Space Management With Infusion Center Management

The bottom line: there’s a good chance that an in-office infusion center will end up being both small and spacious within your current office space — which is ideal for patient wellbeing and beneficial to your practice, since you’ll reap all the business and cost-benefits of an in-office infusion center while maximizing your space efficiency.

The optimize your space and introduce a new, promising revenue stream while providing the highest level of care to all your patients, partner with an experienced infusion center management expert like OI Infusion Services. OI takes care of designating the space within your office, installing equipment, recruiting and managing patients, and managing administrative duties like paperwork, insurance, and reimbursements.

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