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What is a Properly Outsourced Infusion Center?

Posted by oiinfusion on Apr 23, 2019 9:20:00 AM

When done right, a successful outsourced infusion center provides amazing benefits to your practice through staffing, operations, and billing segments. They cover the entire operation, taking the heavy lifting off you and you staff and providing an incredible add on that creates quality care and treatment all under one roof to help bolster your practice’s bottom line.

Look for an infusion management vendor that offers a holistic approach to the management of your infusion center. Here are five things you should notice a change in after outsourcing.

1. Clinical Staffing

An infusion center management company trains and manages nurses, provides nursing oversight, and also manages compliance and ensures clinical policies are up-to date on in-office infusion procedures.

2. Operations

Through the operations lens, an infusion management vendor buys the infusion equipment and supplies, sets up infusion rooms, schedules patients, buys the medications, and also manages the pharmaceutical logistics.

3. Billing

A great vendor takes the billing off your plate, manages all prior authorization processes, patient assistance programs, billing, collections and denials.

4. Patient Care

Ask the management company about Patient Satisfaction scores. Great management companies care greatly about the patient experience. If they do not track satisfaction for existing patients, how serious do you think they will be about your patients’ satisfaction?

5. Regulatory Compliance

Both in-office ancillary services and the administration of high cost biologic drugs are highly regulated. To protect you and your practice, make sure the Company is in compliance with Stark, Anti-Kickback statutes, and other applicable regulations.

These five factors are just the tip of the iceberg! An excellent third party infusion center management company should know the ins and outs of the business and make your job (and your employees’ jobs) easier, not more stressful.

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