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Patient Retention and Continuity of Care: The Business Case for In-Office Infusions

Posted by Kaitey Morgan on Sep 18, 2018 10:31:40 AM

Existing patients are the lifeblood of your business — in-office infusion centers can increase patient retention rates, and bolster your practice’s financial health.

Existing patients are the heartbeat of any thriving medical practice. In fact, studies show that existing patients are significantly more profitable than new patients. As many as 15% of patients are fiercely loyal to a single physician’s office, and their patronage represents up to 70% of the appointments in those offices.

For these reasons, there’s nothing more important than catering to your long standing patients— yet the average practice still loses about 20% of its existing patients each year. This can pose a major problem, since it’s much more difficult — and five times more expensive — to recruit a new patient than to retain an existing one. It’s time to take the affirmative steps necessary to boost your patient retention rate.

Advantages of an In-Office Infusion Center

In-office infusions offer a number of advantages for both patients and doctors. They tend to be more convenient for patients — closer, more navigable, and more accessible. Studies have shown that infusion treatment times are shorter, and adverse reactions fewer for in-office care settings as opposed to in-hospital.

Patient satisfaction tends to be higher since in-office infusions are overseen by a doctor that the patient has likely come to know and trust. Without the shadow of hospital overhead, they’re also significantly less expensive. In general, in-office infusions provide a more convenient, less complicated experience, thanks to a laundry list of factors.

On top of maximizing the safety, cost-effectiveness, and comfort of the patient experience, in-office services act as a significant value-adding component to any doctor’s practice. More frequent patient visits equates to more opportunities for doctors to build rapport and eventually a strong interpersonal bond with their patients — which inevitably results in higher retention rates.

Ultimately, in-office infusion centers enable healthcare professionals to develop strong patient relationships, scale their revenue, and improve health outcomes. It’s a win-win for both patients and doctors.

Patient Retention Means Continuity of Care

In addition to bolstering the financial health of the practice, retaining patients also encourages continuity of care, which is a key to ensuring optimal patient outcomes. As anyone who’s ever worked in clinical medicine knows, information is most likely to be lost at provider interfaces — when one healthcare professional transfers care to another. While certain protocols exist to mitigate this problem, errors are inevitable. If these errors go unchecked, what is lost in translation can result in suboptimal patient outcomes.

The most efficient and safe solution? Don’t transfer care in the first place. A patient’s doctor is an expert on that patient’s conditions and specific circumstances. By retaining the patient, the doctor can immerse him or herself in every aspect of the patient’s care and rigorously pursue the optimal patient outcomes. Patients deserve nothing less.

Optimizing the Patient Experience with In-Office Infusion Center Management

All patients want professional, efficient, and convenient healthcare experiences. This may prove especially true for patients undergoing biologic drug infusion treatments, since, unfortunately, these patients are often suffering from chronic conditions that require them to spend an inordinate amount of time in healthcare facilities. These patients are particularly likely to value any opportunity to streamline their care.

In-office infusion centers can do just that. But deploying these centers is no small task — especially for already-bustling medical practices. That’s why it makes sense for healthcare providers to partner with an infusion center management expert like OI Infusion Services. OI provides healthcare providers with best-in-class infusion center facilities — without any of the administrative burden that such facilities would otherwise require.

OI’s is the only truly turnkey operation available. From the site survey, to design and layout, to equipment purchasing, and installation, OI Infusion takes its partners from no infusion center to...infusion center — quickly, efficiently, and with little risk.

And our partnership doesn’t end there. We’ll handle all aspects of the day to day operations of your center, ensuring a flawless patient experience, and reducing the administrative burden for your staff. We manage the full revenue cycle, from billing and accounts receivable follow up to insurance appeals, payment posting, and even regular contract variance review.

Fully-administered by OI’s dedicated and professional staff, our seamlessly-managed in-office infusion centers ensure a peerless treatment experience for patients, with noticeable results in outcomes, patient satisfaction — and the core of your practice’s financial health: The retention of your existing patients.

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