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How to Grow Your Patient Pool and Position Your Infusion Center For Success

Posted by Woody Baum on Nov 27, 2018 10:47:56 AM

Well-managed infusion centers make patient acquisition a core component of their strategy.

A well-managed infusion center relies on a committed team of practitioners performing a broad range of tasks with flawless execution. One of the most important of these tasks is nonetheless often overlooked: acquiring — and retaining — the right number of patients.

Patient acquisition and retention can be challenging. From reputation management strategies, and digital marketing, to optimizing your website’s user-friendliness, there are countless factors to consider and numerous levers to pull. But nothing is as effective or crucial as securing the right referrals. Read on to learn how you can scale your patient roster through crucial referrals.

Secure Referrals Through Employer Groups

One effective route to securing patient referrals is through partnerships with employer groups. Infusion centers can establish contracts with large employers — most of whom have employees who need biologic drug treatments — to provide infusion services as part of employee benefit programs.

Employer partnerships are beneficial to all parties involved — they increase access to critical healthcare for patients (guaranteeing more personalized care that promotes better health outcomes), mitigate rising healthcare costs for employers, and enable infusion providers to secure a larger market share of valuable patients.

Establish Strong Relationships With Specialist Providers

Securing the right number and type of referrals requires that your recruitment strategy be tailored to the structure and scope of your practice. As such, it’s critical that infusion centers contact both competitive and noncompetitive specialist providers to spread awareness about their services.

By developing strong relationships with ordering providers including neurologists, gastroenterologists, and rheumatologists — whose patients may require biologic drug therapies — infusion centers can increase their patient base while broadening their scope of treatments. Developing a dynamic patient base categorized by a high degree of treatment variety, infusion centers not only secure more business, but they also gain a competitive edge by guaranteeing effective treatment for patients with a range of conditions and infusion needs.

Communicate Regularly With Payers and Brokers

Another crucial step in scaling your infusion center patient pool is establishing consistent communication with payers and their brokers. Brokers serve as the intermediaries between clients and payers, selling health insurance to companies by pitching them on the benefits of the clients they represent.

Since a broker’s main selling point includes helping companies maximize coverage while reducing spend, partnering with an infusion center benefits brokers by introducing a new value-add for potential buyers. At the same time, partnerships with payers and their brokers aid infusion centers by opening up a new avenue for securing patients through company insurance plans.

Value Non-Infusion Patients, Too

Medical practices housing in-office infusion centers have a valuable opportunity on which to capitalize: expanded breadth of care. As such, valuing and scaling your pool of non-infusion patients is bound to benefit your infusion center in the long-run.

While some non-infusion patients may require infusion therapy in the future, focusing on providing a high quality of care and establishing strong patient-practitioner relationships with non-infusion patients also increases the likelihood that they will refer your infusion center to friends and family members requiring infusions.

In addition, by maintaining strong relationships with other medical practices in the area, practices are more likely to receive valuable non-infusion and infusion patient referrals from other physicians, ultimately expanding their patient rosters.

Build an Effective Marketing Strategy

In an age in which nearly 70% of the buyer journey is digital, it’s critical that infusion centers have a robust digital marketing strategy in place to generate leads and ultimately help secure new patients.

As such, infusion centers should develop a comprehensive inbound strategy that leverages the power of regular social media posting and prioritizes brand publishing through blog posts, white papers, webinars, and more. Effective digital marketing is the key to the modern buying process, making it an invaluable opportunity for infusion centers to capitalize on in order to grow their patient pools.

Partnering Up For Sustainable Growth

Though every infusion center can implement these strategies for scaling their patient base, to truly augment patient recruitment and promote high rates of patient retention (since it’s six to seven times more cost-effective to retain a patient rather than to attract a new one), infusion centers should consider partnering with a third-party infusion management provider like OI Infusion Services.

OI Infusion Services provides the most turnkey infusion center management in the marketplace. Our expert staff is experienced in all areas of infusion center management. From designing and installing the infusion suite, to staffing and providing clinical care, and managing the drug acquisition process, our approach is truly end-to-end. We excel in the critical infusion center administrative functions like billing, reimbursement, scheduling, and inventory management.

Most importantly, OI Infusion Services provides the best patient care experience available, which helps HCPs improve their financial stability, and ultimately achieve better health outcomes for their patients. Since OI Infusion Services manages the entire infusion portion of your business, we free up your staff to develop valuable partnerships, recruit and attend to non-infusion patients, and build a flourishing marketing strategy — ultimately driving the growth of your patient roster and scaling your business.

Call OI Infusion Services today to learn how third-party infusion management can benefit your medical practice.

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