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4 Most Common Concerns to Adopting In-Office Infusion

Posted by oiinfusion on Apr 9, 2019 9:04:00 AM

Oftentimes, the idea of setting up an in-office infusion center is a great on the surface, but further thought reveals multiple barriers. It never seems to be as simple as it sounds!

Many professionals worry that offering infusion therapy in-house will be a drain on resources rather than a boost to the bottom line. Here are the four most common objections to in-office infusion adoption.

1. Cost

One of the top barriers to creating an in-office infusion center is cost. Infusion drugs are incredibly expensive. According to Becker’s Hospital Review, “Even the smallest Infusion Centers buying and billing infusion medications can quickly rack up an annual spend that exceeds $1,000,000 due to the expense of the infusion medications.”[1]

As a result, the Infusion Center can often be the largest revenue and expense line on a practice’s financials. It’s a complicated business to manage. Reimbursement, specifically, is huge challenge. Offices may see many claims denied, but physicians are still on the hook for the cost of the drugs.

2. Space

Space is another common barrier. In order to offer infusions, best practice is to create a dedicated space solely used for infusion. The infusion center workflow is often very different than the practice workflow. They need different resources and systems to operate properly. This is often a concerning proposition for an office that has been operating within a specific footprint in a similar way for some time.

3. Time

Concerns about time can include the amount of time it takes to adopt to new systems and additional time added to workload as many practice administrators are already handling a full workload and more.

4. Staffing

Staffing is another barrier to entry. Infusion suites need dedicated staff to manage patients, appointments, and billing and collections, securing insurance authorizations, and managing inventory and supply stocks.

Does this sound like your practice? Are you having a difficult time adopting in-office infusion therapy? These common problems may seem impossible to work around, but each one has a solution. Click here to read about solutions to these barriers.

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[1] Beckers Hospital Review

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